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Zoom Meeting Recording Passcode


Hi All - does anybody know if you can either remove the passcode to access a recorded zoom meeting, or if you can change it to something of your own choosing?


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hello NDAYogi,


Yes, you can modify this option through your web portal (😞

  • Login to your account (web portal)
  • Go to Settings at the left side panel
  • Go to the Recordings tab 
  • Slide the button for "Require passcode to access shared cloud recordings". A blue slider indicates you require a passcode for others to view the recording. While a gray one would be the opposite. For your reference, refer to the screenshot attached.

I hope this helps. 


I have enabled that button per your screenshot. I put a custom passcode in a recording that I want to share. But when I email it to myself, it shows the passcode within the email and the recording plays without me having to enter the passcode. I want them to have to enter the passcode to play the recording. I do not have the box checked 'embed passcode...'.


Is it passible to have them enter the passcode before it can be played? Thanks