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Zoom Crashing Unexpectedly When Sharing Screen




Every time I share my screen other participants cannot see my screen, despite it showing up as shared on mine. As well, shortly after I screen I keep getting a notification that "Zoom has quit unexpectedly". I have tried restarting Zoom, exiting and rejoining, etc. Please help!



I am having a very similar problem 🙄 its very frustrating.



I'm also facing same issue. Zoom App crashes continuously when i share my screen with Multiple participant. Kindly provide the fix at the earliest.




Same here, as soon as I start sharing, my pc starts slowing down significantly, and the zoom crashes

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

I see the same behavior and have reported the problem in the crash dialog multiple times - no responses.  


Same here.  Crash when trying to shared.  I am on a PC. Tried reinstalling.  problem persists.



Same here, I'm running Win 11 now and this didn't happen with my old PC and Win 10. I just had Zoom update and just started the other day. 

I had no problems sharing my screen in Windows 10. Now that I have started using a windows 10 computer Screen share in Z oom crashes all the time


I am having the same issue.  When I am running a meeting or giving a presentation in the past month or so and I share screen, my Zoom crashes.  Please share the fix ASAP.  I run a lot of meetings! 


Same here, and stable across all new versions. Sometimes, it works for a short time after rebooting. Does not happen when using Zoom in Browser, only with the Windows 11 app.


This seems to be a common and frequent issue and I have not seen anything from zoom to solve. However, the best I have learned is start by uninstalling the zoom app/desktop app. and restart and install the latest version. That fixed mine.


Secondly, check your memory and CPU usage when this happens. Open the task manager, start zoom, and then try to share and see what your percentage of use is when it crashes. It is common when you have very high cpu or memory percent usage it crashes zoom sharing and or is sluggish. 


I am using Windows 11 (11H2) with the current version Zoom (5.12.9) and and also experience crashing when trying to share my screen in meetings. CPU (intel 13900KF) and memory (64GB) should not be an issue, so am wondering if there is some security setting conflict or something. I use McAfee Internet Security. I have uninstalled and re-installed Zoom with no success.

I find that I can start a meeting and share my screen ok when no other users are connected. When hosting a meeting with others, I can share my screen but after several seconds it crashes the shared screen.

Any thoughts on possible solutions are welcome.


I'm having the same issue. But I don't see a solution.  Its super frustrating. 


My zoom crashes when I share my screen after at least one person joins the meeting. I have updated Zoom and Windows, and it still crashes. I'm paying for the premium Zoom so I can host longer meetings, but it is very frustrating to not be able to use the capabilities and share my screen in meetings. I've sent requests for help but no answer. Does anybody know of a fix? 


I was using Zoom v5.12.9 and getting the screen share crashes. Tried re-installing graphics drivers and Zoom with no success. Finally I uninstalled v5.12.9 and re-installed v5.12.6 . It now seems to be working fine for me. I will avoid Zoom updates for the next while in hopes that the Zoom crash issue gets addressed.

Where were you able to download v5.12.6?  I wasn't able to locate it.  I am beyond frustrated.  I've tried turning off video acceleration for video and screen sharing and nothing as helped.  Uninstalled and reinstalled latest version -- nada. 

Zoom support sent me a download link for v5.12.6 (which could not be included due to Zoom chat restrictions).  I have attached the support email as a PDF here for you and it contains the link. If you are hesitant to use for security reasons, I would recommend you request the version download by submitting a support ticket with Zoom. Hope this helps.


I searched for this issue and in another post I saw where support recommended uninstalling 64 bit and going with 32.  That fixed it for me!


Like many others, I am having this issue. I have reinstalled, rebooted and no fix. It seems to be worse if the meeting is being recorded or if I am sharing on someone else's meeting. 


I've been having the same issue for several months (Win11 PC).  I use two screens and it always happens when I try to share the 2nd screen (which I've set up as an extended display in Win11).  When I moved my zoom dialogue to the second screen and tried to share my primary laptop screen with a doc, that did NOT crash Zoom.  I then reverted to trying to share just an application window (Word doc) on the 2nd screen -- versus the entire screen -- and that also did NOT crash Zoom.  So the issue for me at least, seems to be triggered when one is sharing the entire 2nd screen.  (and Yes, I have ben updating Zoom client and am on latest version as of now which is 5.13.3 (11494).


Adding me to the loop also. First time I post here, all went good until end of last year.

I tried sharing one screen, vice versa, only windows, etc...

I updated everything incl. GPU driver, deinstalled Zoom + clean reinstall, same...


On my side it seems to happen less in 1:1 meetings, but happened there too 😞

I have dump files by hand if someone from Zoom Support reads this. Will open a case.



Here is what I got from support and helped me (at least today), all three settings are reconfigured as mentioned below. I asked if the issue will get investigated further, will let you know:


  1. Check connection and make sure it is stable
  2. Try TCP connection in Settings-> screen sharing -> enable "use TCP connection for screen sharing"
  3. Try video rendering method to GDI in Settings->Video->advanced->Video Render Method, select GDI
  4. Disable hardware acceleration in Settings-> Screen Share ->Advanced -> uncheck "Use hardware acceleration for Annotation on a shared screen or whiteboard"

Thank you. I followed those steps and this solved this issue for me in Windows 11.


I am facing the same issue - multiple tix with IT and no resolution. help!



Uninstalling the default 32 bit version and reinstalling the 64 bit version resolved this issue for me.

Thankyou Jack, your a life saver.


Same issue here.. Paid account, rtx 3080, 16 GB ram, windows 10/11 no difference, did most of the above. Have to try the 32 bit version and see. But zoom should have fixed this now.


I just fixed it.. When I first downloaded Zoom back in 2019 it only gave the option to download the 32 bit version.

Ever since that I've been only updating the 32 bit version. Never switched to the 64 bit..


All you gotta do is install and download the 64 bit version. And voila Screen sharing problem or crashing GONE.


How do you know whether you already have the 64 or 32 bit. Go to Task Manager and and then go to processes and then if the Zoom application says 32 bit next to it, then you have the 32 bit version. If it doesn't say anything then you have the 64 bit.


So for all those who have been using Zoom for years it's a compatibility problem with your 32 version of Zoom with 64 bit windows and your welcome.

I just rebuilt my system with a fresh install of Windows 11 Pro and when I downloaded Zoom, for whatever reason, I was given the 32-bit version! Why on earth would Zoom allow 32-bit to be installed on a 64-bit system is beyond me. I deinstalled the 32-bit and installed the 64-bit and it resolved the crashing when sharing screen for me. Thanks to all who mentioned the 64-bit  tip!  

Thank you so much, this fixed the issue for me as well! Downloaded the 64 bit version on my Windows 11 computer and now sharing no longer crashes my meeting.


Running into the same problem on Windows every single time I share my screen.


Version: 5.13.3 (11494) (no idea if this is 32-bit or 64-bit -- it's installed in AppData/Roaming)


Updated my drivers, tried disabling hardware acceleration, etc., nothing worked. I have a pretty fast computer -- Ryzen 9 7950X, 64 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 2080 Ti


This used to work for me fine until I updated Zoom a few months ago.

Hi Ghosthunter, 

To see whether it's 32 bit or 64 bit, open task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. On the processes it will show zoom. If it's shows Zoom 32 bit, then it's the 32 bit version. If it shows just Zoom meeting, then it's a 64 bit. 


You can download the Zoom 64 bit from this link to do a fresh intall:


Actually this is a better place, use the "64 bit full MSI installer"

Zoom Installers – Zoom Support

What is the difference between the "MSI" installer and the regular 64 bit installer? I'm having trouble understanding.

MSI is a microsoft installer package type file.  The zoominstaller.EXE installer seems to want to install the 32 bit version, it probably has some logic packed into the executable to detect what version to install that has a bug.   

Using the MSI installer for 64 bit gets around this and guarantees you are using a microsoft installer package and that it's installing the 64 bit version.

I have 64-bit installed (reinstalled with the installer from the website as suggested) and it still crashes for me.



I have 64-bit installed (reinstalled with the installer from the website as suggested) and it still crashes for me.


I am also having this problem, it's affecting my job, I can't share my screen with anyone while trying to work on projects.