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Zoom Control Location When Sharing


I have a second monitor connected to my PC.  When I share an app on Zoom the Zoom controls show up at the top of monitor 2.  I would prefer they stay on monitor 1 (PC monitor).  How can I change this?


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Toggle the Use dual monitors check box - as if you were following these steps:

Unfortunately enabling "Use dual monitors" didn't change the floating meeting controls default location for me. The floating meeting controls still default to the external display (2) rather than the built-in display (1). 


Even if I move them to the built-in display (1), they default back to the external display (2) next time I share my screen.


Indeed, even if I disable "Show my Zoom Windows to other participants" and/or enable "Share selected app window only" and/or share only a specific app (rather than, say, "Desktop 2" on macOS) the floating meeting controls default to the external display (2) rather than the built-in display (1). (This means that—among other things—this other post is not actually "solved":


So I have to pause presenting every time I restart a Zoom session, move into the room to see the projector, drag the floating meeting controls to my main monitor, and then return to the podium. It's more disruptive than what I experience on any other video conferencing software.

(I've submitted a feature request.)