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Zoom freezes / disables mouse


When I open the Zoom app on my Windows 10 computer, my mouse freezes. Unplugging and re-plugging it in, plugging in a different mouse, or even reinstalling mouse drivers don't bring it back. I have to restart my computer to get the mouse to work again.



I am experiencing a similar problem using a KVM switch.  Starting Zoom the first time after a reboot, or starting a second Zoom with another Zoom session in progress, causes the mouse to freeze.  I'm using a Logitech Unifying USB Bluetooth at the KVM switch, so to restore it I have to unplug the unifying USB and then plug it back in to restore mouse functionality.  This issue started occurring in July or early August, so I suspect it is update related to either Zoom or Windows.  Any ideas on how to fix this would be most welcome.


Windows 10 Enterprise, version 10.0.19042 Build 19042

Dell Precision 7730 x64-based PC


Same problem here.  I am also using a KVM switch, but I'm not sure if that is relevant since it doesn't happen with any other applications.  Today, it happened to me twice -- I started the Zoom app and my mouse no longer moved (although the touchpad on the laptop still worked).  I rebooted and the mouse came back.  Then the same thing happed a couple hours later when I started Zoom again.  Not sure if this is relevant, but the Zoom app was launched from the PTC Wizard web page for parent-teacher conferences.  


Plugging in another mouse did not make any difference.

Just a little more information -- killing the Zoom.exe process(es) and then unplugging / re-plugging the mouse causes the mouse to start working again, no reboot required.