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ZOOM SSO Certificate Expiring


Anyone have any decent instructions on what to do when Zoom SSO reports:


The certificate will be expired in xx days. Please get a new one from your Identity Provider.

Zoom support has been worthless on this.   Keep pointing me to Microsoft Articles.   I set this up with detailed Zoom instructions which I cannot find anymore.



Unfortunately I do not and Zoom support is as you say worthless.




I just did this and documented the process. Hopefully it will help others. I am using Azure for SSO.


Go to

Select Azure Active Directory

Enterprise Applications on the left

Search for Zoom, select it.

Select Single-Sign-on on the left

Scroll down to SAML Signing Certificate then Edit

Create a new certificate

Next to the new inactive certificate click the ellipsis and download the PEM certificate

Open the file in Notepad or another text editor and copy the text between the begin and end lines

Go to and click Edit on the right

Paste the certificate into the Identify Provider Certificate box

Go back to the Azure Portal, click the ellipsis next to the new certificate and make it active.

Go to your Zoom app on your computer and sign out. Sign back in to make sure it’s working.

Job done


Zoom gives you plenty of warning about the expiry of the certificate so it’s best to do this in plenty of time. If you have problems then download the existing PEM of the old certificate and copy and paste that into the Zoom portal to put things back as they were. Then disable the new certificate and re-enable the old certificate.