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You have a meeting that is currently in progress. please end it to start a new meeting


From someday, when I open a new meeting, it will alert "you have a meeting that is currently in progress. please end it to start a new meeting", when I end the other meetings and join the meeting, it will be ok. But if I leave or end the meeting and start a new meeting, it will alert again immediately.


No matter I change the settings, change the passcode or the meeting id, it will not be resolved, but my other accounts are working fine with no such notification, I don't know why, maybe I have to delete this paid account and use other email to use it.


Anyone can help it? I found the related questions on website and zoom community, but no resolved answers or can help me resolved it.





I am also having the same issues which started a few days ago. Any help?


I am also experiencing the same issue! Let me know if you find any solutions, thanks. 


Same problem here. Zoom asked me to reset my password. After doing that zoom no longer works properly. When my meeting is open - participants are no longer put into meeting room and all I get is an email saying the particpant is waiting. If I then click on the email I have to close the meeting, login and start a new meeting. All from changing my password as requested by zoom. Tomorrow I have a meeting with multiple participants - can't imagine how thats going to work.


I have found the problem is caused by the zoom administrator.

I sent the following to zoom support describing their problem

Zoom sent me an email saying they suspected my account had been compromised and asking me to change my password. I changed my password and nothing else no settings were changed. Now when I open a meeting participants are not allowed in they are told there is a meeting in progress and the participant is not signaled on the zoom screen. I receive an email saying the participant is waiting and asking me to join the meeting? I click on the link and I am asked to close the current meeting and start a new one - for which I have to log in again. Only then is the participant signaled and allowed in. Obviously since I did not change any of my account settings  Zoom has flagged something on my account. Please unflag it - this is not usable and I have a meeting with multiple participants tomorrow - that is obviously not going to work - as soon as one gets in the rest will be blocked. So please Zoom undo whatever it is you have done.
And then I looked in my account settings to discover that the zoom administration have blocked entry to  open zoom meetings. Curious how long it will take them to rectify their mistake!