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Why Did My Video Record in Split Screen?


Whenever I've video recorded my one-on-one meetings in the past, it recorded the person talking and then switched over when someone else spoke. This time, it kept the video on both screens the whole time and never went close up to the person talking. Did I accidentally change something in settings/preferences?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @katmh21, sounds like you've Adjusted your video layout during your meeting (link). You have the ability to select either Speaker view or gallery view in a meeting. You can also check out our KB on Recording layouts for future meetings you record! 🙂



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I like to keep all my recordings on "Gallery View", where both attendees (I only have myself and one other person on all my meetings).  Is this change done in the settings? Or do I need to manually change this every time?  THank you.