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Dell Latitude 7420 3.5mm audio jack issues only with Zoom and other apps work fine


Hi Zoom Community,


I've created a new profile in Windows, manually removed Zoom, reinstalled it. I also re-installed the Dell Drivers using Dell Command Update. Microsoft Teams works flawlessly when the user plugs in their 3.5 mm earbuds but Zoom cannot detect it. Zoom can detect the default laptop speaker and mic but stops working as soon as the earbuds are plugged in.


Has anyone seen this issue? I find it very odd that MS Teams, Google Hangouts and all other apps don't have any issues. Only Zoom.


I'm not looking for workarounds that will interfere with MS Teams and other audio apps such as disabling Realtek drivers and devices in Device Manager. User doesn't have admin access and this is not a long term solution.


Thank you for your time.



Please reply to this query as I am having the same difficulty. I have Windows 10. My ear piece works fine with podcasts, everything else, but Zoom. Solutions, please.