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Visual Cue for Waiting Room Notifications in Zoom


Could Zoom implement a feature where the admin receives a notification with a blinking screen or highlighted color when there is someone in the waiting room? This would help them promptly identify that someone is waiting.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The host or co-host can open the participant list and see who is in the waiting room. The host and co-hosts can also get an audible signal when someone joins or leaves the waiting room. So as long as the admin is in the meeting as a co-host or host they are notified.

Thank you for the information! Could you please guide me on how to enable the audible signal for when someone joins or leaves the waiting room? I've noticed it's not currently active in my host profile. This feature would be very helpful, as it's sometimes challenging to focus on the meeting while simultaneously checking the participant list. Additionally, if there's a visual indicator available, that would also be greatly beneficial. Your assistance is much appreciated!