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Virtual Backgrounds not available in desktop client when not logged in using LTI integration


This is a higher-ed situation, using an LTI integration. When hosting a meeting using the Zoom Desktop Client, if the Host  is not logged in to their  school account in the Zoom Desktop Client, the Host does not have access to the virtual backgrounds that are loaded to the school account.  


If the Host starts the meeting using a Web Browser (Join from Browser) instead of the Desktop Client, then the Virtual Backgrounds are always available to them. That would seem to indicate that it should be possible for the Host to also have access to the Virtual Backgrounds in the Desktop Client regardless of being logged in, because when Starting via a Web Browser there is no additional logging in to their school account, the LTI integration handles all authentication, etc.


The LTI integration sends over information about the user, such as identifying them as the host, their name, etc. So even though the user is not logged in to the Zoom Desktop Client, why isn't the Virtual Background info from the school account also made available to the Host?


Thank you for any thoughts on this




Note Taker

Hi Kevin,


This is most likely because your institution is using SSO. SSO will automatically sign you into other services if logged into the main service by using a Cookie in your browser. Browsers do not pass cookies to outside sources, ie the Zoom app or even another browser. Since this sign-on cookie is not passed to the Zoom app you are required to log into it separately in order to access your institution's Zoom instance.

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