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Video Recording Quality


I understand Zoom recordings video is 720p for 2 participants and drops down to 360 for 3 or more. Does anyone know if the third person drops out of the meeting, does the video quality change back to 720 or is it locked in for the duration of the meeting.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @EBailey,


Take a read through this Zoom Support article on using HD video:


Note especially the section "How to send and receive Group HD with the Zoom client", where it states that the video sender and receiver both must be in full-screen mode.  Look at the Zoom Settings Statistics panel under the Video tab to see what size video is being received/transmitted.  Note that the resolution will vary depending on the size of the window; it doesn't look to me like full-screen mode is a requirement, but the Zoom app is smart enough to know when it doesn't need to receive a high-resolution image, and down-scales the incoming video.

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