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The Registration, Email Settings, Branding links are no longer working.


I am a member / Host of an account where the Account Type = Pro (Named Host).  

The meeting I'm setting up has not yet started. 

The Registration, Email Settings, Branding links are no longer working.

I arrive at this point using the following navigation

  • Click on Meetings in the left panel
  • Click on the underscored (link) with the meeting title
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.  No more information is available.

Those options used to be available to me.  Now it seems that they are no longer there.

I've tried logging out and logging in and closing and opening the browser (Chrome).

Thanks for looking at this.





I am having the same issue. I asked a colleague to log in and see if it was my browser but they are also unable to access these options. I need to change out our meeting banner and see total number of registrants and I can't. Very frustrating.


Hey! Just chatted with a zoom support person and realized when the meeting was transferred over to me as host, it unchecked the "registration required" option. If you re-check it so registration is required, you (hopefully) will be able to see these options again! Hope this helps!

Thanks for this, I'm having the same issue. Where can I find the "registration required" option. I'm not seeing that as a selection. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!