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Using two devices simultaneously - second as drawing surface


Hi. In a similar vein to, I am struggling to find a way to effectively host/present in a meeting with two devices where the second (tablet/phone) contains shared content that I want to annotate.


Umm... what?


I often present PowerPoint slides. I'd like to annotate those slides or whatever I'm sharing using a stylus. My laptop has a touch screen but it's incredibly impractical to effectively annotate by sticking my arm out in front of me and fingerpainting like a kindergarten kid while the world looks at my giant fingers on-camera. All of that is bad, and I never share my laptop (primary) screen anyway. I want to use a stylus to annotate content shared to a secondary monitor. You know, like a grown-up.


Our team's technical training classes can last for weeks and annotations are precise and extensive. Sharing the laptop monitor and reaching to it to annotate (giving it the finger?) is simply not an option. We need a way to share an external device that contains/shares the PowerPoint (or other) content on which we can use a stylus. (I have no idea if this makes sense. Easy to envision, hard to write. Sorry.)


At a recent meeting hosted on Teams, a host did some magic and shared his tablet which he used, writing-pad-style, to do his presentation. He still appeared as one attendee, the tablet "belonged" to his single login, and he was able to draw in OneNote incredibly effectively. I was floored (and jealous) as this is something I've been seeking to do in Zoom for a long time.


Here's the workflow I'm imagining:

  1. Start meeting from my computer.
  2. Join meeting from my Android phone/tablet and not be forced to switch presence to it. (I don't want to walk away from my desk. I want to join from two different devices at once. No audio or video from the phone/tablet - just the ability to share content.)
  3. Activate a Share option, either
    1. On the computer Share > External Device Screen
    2. On the phone/tablet Share > Screen
  4. The audience sees my attendee/host presence only from the laptop (camera, microphone) and content from the external device. They never need to know I'm sharing an external device.
  5. I run my PPT/Rick roll/whatever from the external device and annotate away with my stylus.
  6. When done, stop sharing from the external device; my attendee/host presence never changes in the main meeting. It just looks like I've stopped sharing.
  7. Roll credits as we all laugh at the camera.


What's the answer to this??  


The answer appears to be switching to Teams.