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Using Zoom with MacOS Stage Manager messes up screensharing


I just tried to screen share an open KeyNote presentation to a client and it was a disaster:


1 - Zoom couldn't see the KeyNote in the list of open apps

2 - I closed the screenshare menu, then reopened and it now could see KeyNote

3 - I selected the Keynote, but it shared it as a rhomboid shape, as the thumnail is displayed like that in the sidebar of Stage Manager.

4 - There was no way to click into the Keynote

5 - I successfully resolved this by turning off Stage Manager (in OSX System Settings, Desktop & Dock) and the share worked perfectly.


SUMMARY: The issue is solved by turning off Stage Manager, but this affects the whole computer, and I feel like I shouldn't have to do that.



This is very frustrating. I spent an hour troubleshooting my Zoom settings in a live class before finding out this was the issue. Will a fix be released please?


Can confirm this is happening consistently. Turning Stage Manager off allows for proper Zoom sharing. Please update the app to handle Stage Manager properly?


Side note: Turning Stage Manager back on mid-share and doing a New Share shows only some of the application windows available. 


I have this problem too, and would like for Zoom to address this issue on Mac.


This is because the OS is showing the thumbnail for the app. You want to combine your zoom app and whatever you want to share. Best route is to be on zoom and then drag your KeyNote for instance back onto your screen and you should have both apps under the same "Stage Manager" group. It will then work fine... And I'd recommend you try it BEFORE your meeting like I did and I am guessing you did above :S

Good tip. This is a workable solve but not intuitive for the average user. It should be that if you pick a window to screen share, it should be seen no matter which Stage Manager is at the forefront. Hopefully Zoom can fix. 


On macOS 10.15 Catalina, you need to allow Zoom access to screen recording to share your screen. You can do this in your System Preferences. Select the Security & Privacy option, click the Privacy tab, scroll down to Screen Recording, and finally check the option for





I had a nightmare last weekend with a presentation as well. So frustrating.