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Unwanted attendee pinning on recordings


Hi there,


We have a recurring issue with our zoom meeting recordings.  With every call we record, there is always one attendee pinned/spotlighted, even though they do not have this setting enabled on their side. We have no control over it - and on an important meeting yesterday it recorded 20 minutes of one attendees video whilst the host was speaking - the attendee was muted.


We have had this issue for months and Zoom support seem unable to help us fix it. I wondered if anyone in the community has experienced a similar issue? We're all on the most up to date version of the app and have un-installed and re-installed. The only solution we have so far is if we spot that someone is 'pinned' then they have to pin and unpin themselves at the start of the call so the recording doesn't remain only on them. This is not sustainable.


Thanks in advance.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I will first try to clarify some terminology and functionality.


From the perspective of the meeting host... creating a PIN is something every participant can do as the result is limited to their local monitor/screen. To PIN is to make larger 1 and up to 9 individual participants on one's own screen. NOTE: There is no way for the host to detect when a participant PINs somebody to their own monitor.

Spotlight... the privilege to spotlight is only given to the host and co-hosts in the meeting. When a spotlight is created it makes that chosen participant's video larger on everybody's screen. Up to 9 spotlights can be created at one time.


Regarding recording... the only console that matters while recording is the Hosts console. This is the source of what gets recorded. It does not matter what is on anybody else's monitor during recording. The only time this rule changes is when the Host passes host control to somebody else in the meeting. Then the source of the recording transfers to the monitor of the new host.

My guess is that the host initially spotlights the desired speaker, but while they are speaking the host decides to pin other folks for whatever reason. The spotlight will stay spotlighted for everybody even while the host is now locally pinning somebody else. But, the act of locally pinning on the host machine is what's creating the undesired result of the recording.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Widgren

Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen


Hi Jeff,


Thanks for your thoughts here. I can confirm that the host isn't actively spotlighting anyone attending the calls. This happens without any action on her part. Is it possible that Zoom could be automatically doing this to the first person that joins a call?


The only way we have found to mostly fix this issue is to pin then unpin as soon as we are on a recorded call, and this stops the issue. 


The host notices nothing different on her screen as she records - i.e. she can't see that someone is spotlighted/pinned, her screen looks normal to her, and yet it records differently. 


Not too sure what to do. 






I'm the host and my recordings are showing an unwanted list of co-hosts in the top right corner. How do I prevent this? Attached is an image showing the problem. Thank you.