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Unhelpful dependencies from Google and Microsoft when scheduling meetings


Recent updates link the ability to include scheduled meetings to Google and Microsoft Products. This is unacceptable for e.g. Mac users.


Old (well working) situation:

When scheduling a meeting, Zoom would immediately and automatically create an .ics file that a Mac then automatically detects as calendar file including all the information that you still find in the "copy invitation" button. This function is only a "text copy" and does not create calendar files.


Now (worsened ux) situation:

The only way to create an .ics file today is with the browser version. Even Firefox extensions do not work for OSX mail and only link into the Google and Microsoft World. Instead of complementing the old way with these additional integrations as additional option, the old functionality was removed from the app entirely while not easing the usability of the web application. It almost appears as if the remaining possibility to download .ics files from Web-Zoom would be a "forgotten" remainder.


Recommended workaround until this has been fixed in favor of Mac users:

Do NOT use Zoom for scheduling Meetings at all and only use Zoom for ad hoc meetings if you cannot switch to other video conferencing products. Use standard invitations in a text file or as Mac notes entry to copy-paste into calendar entries manually.


What everybody should reflect on:

How dare Zoom to "forget" a large user community like the Mac users? What is the more or less hidden policy behind such a move? What is the rationale to iterate this release of integration updates only with Google and Microsoft products? What have Mac users to expect in the future if something like this pure ignorance towards Apple-focused user groups can happen at all?



I was trying to find out if Zoom Scheduler worked with Mac and now I have my answer. I will stick to my third-party option of TimeTrade, which costs a little more than the Zoom Scheduler add-on but at least I know how it works.