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Scheduling meetings to the wrong Outlook email/calendar


I am having a problem where Zoom is scheduling meetings to the wrong email/calendar account in my Outlook.  I want them to go to my default business account.  I have Outlook as my email and calendar program.  Within Outlook I have several business and personal email accounts.  I recently upgraded to a new machine, and I suspect this is where my issue may have started. When I schedule a meeting and save, it pops up a new Outlook calendar event to add email addresses to meeting attendees.  However the invite is being sent from one of my personal email addresses (, and when I click on the pull-down to choose a different email account, neither of my business Microsoft exchange accounts are available to choose, even though one is my default Outlook account...  Its annoying as acceptance emails are going to my personal email, not business.  And I have to drag the calendar event from my personal calendar to my business calendar.  How do I fix this?



I want to disconnect Outlook from Zoom



Hi Glenn_Z_Space - I'm just wondering if you ever found a solution to this as I'm having the exact same issue - new laptop and Zoom is now adding meetings to my personal outlook calendar vs. my business outlook one when I choose the option to add to my outlook calendar. Please let me know and thank you.