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Unable to log into ZOOM without authentuicator app


I have a basic ZOOM account and all of sudden I'm unable to log in unless I use an authentication app ( I don't even know which app!) or a back up code. I've already used (2) of the back up codes provided but I can't use one every single time I need to sign in. This is frustrating because there is no security option to change this. Can any one tell me which app I'm supposed to be using? Did Zoom just do this is to basic users?  Thanks!



Nevermind, turned off 2FA.


first turn off authentication on it and restart it also clear cache.


If you're unable to log into Zoom without an authenticator app, it's likely because you've enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your Zoom account. 2FA is a security feature that requires you to provide a secondary verification method in addition to your password. In this case, you're using an authenticator app to generate a time-based one-time password (TOTP).

Here's how you can log into Zoom in this situation:

1. **Open Your Authenticator App**: Launch the authenticator app you've set up, which could be Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or any other TOTP-compatible app.

2. **Generate a TOTP**: In your authenticator app, you should have an entry for Zoom. This entry will provide a time-based code. This code changes every 30 seconds or so.

3. **Access the Zoom Login Page**: Go to the Zoom login page on your web browser or the Zoom app if you're logging in from a mobile device.

4. **Enter Your Email and Password**: Provide your Zoom account's email address and password in the respective fields.

5. **Enter TOTP Code**: In the field requesting your Two-Factor Authentication code, enter the code generated by your authenticator app. Make sure to enter the code while it's valid, as it changes every 30 seconds.

6. **Complete the Login**: Click the "Sign In" or "Log In" button, and Zoom will verify the TOTP code.

If you're still facing issues logging in, here are some additional troubleshooting steps:

- Ensure your device's date and time settings are accurate. Incorrect time settings can result in TOTP codes not working.

- If you've lost access to your authenticator app or your TOTP codes are not working, contact Zoom's support or your organization's IT support to reset your 2FA settings.

- If you've been provided with backup codes during the initial setup of 2FA, you can use one of these codes to log in temporarily. Once logged in, you can reset or disable 2FA and reconfigure it as needed.

Remember, Two-Factor Authentication enhances your account's security. It's important to keep your authenticator app and TOTP codes secure and easily accessible for the login process.


I have not been able to log into to my business account due to the authenticator problem.   I had a business account which I still do not have access to because your help people essentially told me to reset my password which I can do but still can't log in because I don't have the authentication app set up.  I never did this when I had my account and now I need it but can't set it up because I can't log into my account.  Your support was totally useless.  I need the account deleted frankly but oh, I can't do that if can't get access to my account.