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Unable to join my scheduled recurring meeting.


From the meetings tab when I click on start meeting or from the join tab when I enter the meeting ID, I get stuck on the Launch page. I've tried all of the help suggestions & most of them don't even look like my screens or don't contain the info that the help suggestion lists. I missed three of my own meetings today because I couldn't join them!!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Katie13 

Have you tried signing into Zoom App to join your meetings. This way you will get prompted to join meetings and will also show up in your list.


Hope that helps

Still not working 


Hi Sachinzoom

I am having the same issue as Katie13, and I do sign in from the App and it still gets stuck on the launch page.  I have missed 3 meetings that I was hosting because of this issue... is there any other solution?

I have had the same issue.  I have missed two meetings. Has anyone discovered a solution?  I can't even join my own meeting that I created. 



It’s not letting me join