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Two people logged into same account "kicked out"


When one of us tries to log on, it logs the other one out. We initially thought it was because we were logged in to the same profile, but one of us logs out entirely or logs into a personal account and it still “kicks the other one off” the meeting. Any suggestions?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

hi @prevail ,

Ok, the basic rule is allowing multiple devices from the same person to log in. I expect you have that turned off.
Signing in to Zoom on multiple devices - Zoom Support

Secondly, yes, if you both are logged in, especially if you are a host, then there can only be one host.

Thirdly, what link are you using to join the meeting, are you using a registered link and in which case you will be seen as the person who registered?
If you use a join/register link you will be seen as the person who's zoom account you are connected with.

Start by allowing multiple devices, and from participants, you will see who zoom thinks you are in the meeting.
all the best