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Alternative Host Unique Link


Is there an option to resend the Alt-host email and unique link? Our sessions are often scheduled several weeks in advance, and occasionally an Alt-host misplaces or accidentally deletes the email generated at the time of scheduling. It would be helpful to be able to resend.


Also, it was previously the case that meetings for which I was designated an Alt-host would show up in 'My Meetings', which made it very easy to log in and start a meeting. Is this something I can fix in settings, or does Zoom no longer provide this option?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hey there!


Thanks for your question.


We do not currently have a way to resend the Alternative Host link. Instead, you can remove and then re-add the alternative host with that email address and this will send a fresh invitation to the alternative host while removing the unused alt host link for your meeting.


As for your second question, this will be the case if you have added those meetings you are an alternative host for to a calendar that is synced to your desktop client. If your alternative host meetings aren't showing up, try making sure that you are:


  1. syncing your caelndar to your Zoom desktop client (you may need to reauthorize the calendar, if it is not working)
  2. adding meetings for which you are an alternative host to the same calendar you are syncing to Zoom.

I hope that this answers your questions! Please let me know if anything needs to be clarified further, or if I misunderstood your original inquiry. 


Have an excellent day,

T. L.

Thank you for your reply. Removing and re-adding Alt-hosts seems a little clunky, I was hoping there was a simple 'resend invitation' button that I had missed.


I'm not sure if you have understood the second part of my question. I manage the Zoom accounts of some of the users I delegate as Alt-hosts. Previously, once they had accepted an Alt-host invitation, that meeting would be listed in their upcoming 'My Meetings' amongst any other meetings they had scheduled themselves (they were virtually indistinguishable). That doesn't seem to happen anymore.

You can “invite” them when the meeting is live. Use the first invite option where you can “call” their zoom app. When they accept they will join without the link and will have co-host role. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ZoomUser2022 ,

I would suggest you also consider schedule privilege. This grants permission to setup and host events on behalf of another user and is less hassle than alt-host if you are doing this on a regular basis.
it is found at the end of the web meeting setting.
all the best