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Two meeting settings locations, confusing


In my account settings I clicked on enable meeting sign-in to allow members to click link and come into the meeting without having to go to the wait room, realizing it was something not yet rolled out?  That caused those joining to enter a password, something I had not given them.  Joining the meeting was a total mess as a result.  I was on the meeting as the host but missed the speaker due to all my time taken trying to get people passwords. I changed back to my original settings thinking I got back to now having people wait in the wait room but instead found for a meeting a week later I had the same password required problem, another mess.   It appears we can make changes in our overall account settings but again we need to do them for each repeating meeting?  This is confusing unless I'm not doing something right?  Are the overall account settings for hosts who only have one repeating meeting?  What's the difference between the two locations for meeting settings?  Thanks for any help clarifying this.