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Trouble with Start Video Button


I was in a meeting the other day with my camera off. I wanted to turn my camera on for a little while, and I clicked the "Start Video" button. Nothing happened. I repeated clicked it and still nothing. The meeting participants could hear me, so the host did a "Ask to Start Video" request. When I accepted their request, my camera came on without a problem. The host said they never disabled my camera. Does anyone know why my Start Video button just wouldn't work for me?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @rmyers , thanks for your contribution! I'm sorry that I did not get to you sooner, but I'd be happy to assist you. 

These minor glitches usually occur if the Zoom app has not been updated. Please uninstall and reinstall the Zoom application.

  1. Run CleanZoom to uninstall Zoom completely.
  2. In the download center, download and install the 64-bit Zoom client for meetings.
  3. Once installed, open the Zoom desktop client, and test. 

I hope this helps!


Zoom Community Team