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Teaching Fitness Hybrid with Music and Mic


I am teaching yoga/fitness classes hybrid and we used to be able to share the music and microphone over to Zoom meeting with a balanced volume where participants could hear really well. Now, something has changed and they are not able to hear the music well. It is very choppy. Is this a new Zoom update that has caused this? Can you please tell me the best way to do this? We have a Soundcraft Notepad 5 mixer and Rode Wireless GO ll Microphone and plug that into the computer for classes. Any other suggestions would be great. Again, the goal is for the student to hear the music and our voice at the same time clearly. Maybe it's a setting, I'm not sure but it used to work and now it does not.



It seems like theres a filter that zoom put on so we instructors cant use music when not in front of a desktop and using our iphones or pads..let the music back in! I teach seniors! They and me too ,love our music while exercising lets one forget about our problems for awhile