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Taking notes on screen while using Zoom


Please help me understand if there is any way for me to type in my notes on the live screen where I am engaging with other participant (s), without them being able to see my notes.


Does Zoom itself have this functionality or is there a note taking app that would hover on the side or bottom of the screen where such notes can be typed in and viewed later?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @vinittaneja 


Zoom doesn't have anything like this built in, as far as I know. But you might like to look for a Zoom App that could do what you are looking for.





@vinittaneja,  I've also tried taking notes during zoom meetings and although the interface is clean, it was painful to do both, keep my focus on the discussion and take notes.

FYI, there are note-taking apps that can do this for you, like Otter (only audio and text), or Meetgeek (video, audio, and text), and they have a native integration with Zoom.