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Since Updating Desktop Zoom this week, Video screen freezes multiple times during Zoom Meetings


Everything was fine until I upgraded Desktop Zoom client early this week.  Have used Desktop Zoom Client extensively and exclusively for 4+ years for meetings and online lessons I teach.  Have reported this problem with my video screen freezing, but no resolution.  Chatted with support but their suggestions did not resolve issue.  Have uninstalled/reinstalled - but nothing changes.  Anyone have a solution?  Anyone have suggestions on how to contact a person to help resolve this.  Have tried all the "Feedback" and "Contact Us" and "Support" features but no response, no resolution.  



I am experiencing the same issue and have been for at least 3 weeks now. I don't have a solution but I'm hoping if more users say they're experiencing this problem the support team will do something about it.



I am having many issues after the last upgrade. A gourp of us have zoom music sessions and they were working fine until the last update. Now we do not hear the music on karaoke and hear only  the singer's voice and that too keeps on cutting. It is very annoying. I wish I could go back before the last update



I am having the same frustrating issue.  My screen freezes at least twice during the first hour of any meeting I'm in.  I don't understand the lack of live support since I have a pro account.  Everything was fine until the last "upgrade."