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Sharing ipad via cable results in buzzing noise every 30 seconds


I recently upgraded to a 5th generation iPad Pro. When I have my iPad Pro connected to my MacBook Pro and during a Zoom meeting if I select share ipad via cable, there is a loud buzzing noise that happens every 30 seconds that all participants can hear. If I remove the cable and choose share ipad via airplay, there is no buzzing sound. 


This behavior is something new with the 5th generation iPad. If I connect my 3rd generation iPad Pro (same configuration, IOS version, and apps as the 5th generation) and choose share iPad via cable, there is no buzzing sound.


I have the lastest IOS versions on my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro and the latest version of Zoom.


Is anyone else having this problem? I have contacted Apple support several times and after trying many things, they say contact Zoom of course. I have an appointment at the Apple genius bar later today to have the look at it. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi everyone, until a Mac software update is released to fix this issue, I would suggest one of these two options that some have shared in this thread 🙂

  • Share the iPad via airplay.
  • Join the iPad to the meeting using the Zoom iOS client and share directly from the iPad.

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I'm having the same problem with my 12.9" M1 iPad Pro. Moreover, the buzzing sound appears not only in Zoom but other streaming platforms such as Ecamm Live. Please let me know your findings after your Genius Bar appointment.

I was having the same problem with iPad and Macbook Pro. I went into Ecamm and selected the 'Sound Levels' icon on the right side (icon is a microphone with sliders). There I was able to remove (or mute) the iPad microphone. This immediate solved the problem for me in Ecamm, and also in Zoom because I use ECamm's virtual cam for my Zoom instructions. 


I am also having the same issue using the 5th gen 12.9" iPad with M1 processor. 😕 Please fix asap. I am a teacher and cannot be using Airplay as my teaching platform. Hard-wired connection is critical with stability.


Same problem here, and lots of other people are reporting it on Apple's support page.  The Apple people say to report it to Zoom.   I have an M1 MacBook Pro and iPad Air 4th generation.


I'm also having the same issue with my 11" M1 iPad Pro. I've been contacting with the Zoom engineering team for a month or so now. They can't fix the problem because Apple doesn't really pay attention to it. The Zoom team suggests a workaround that I join/host the meeting from both my Macbook and iPad and share the screen directly from the iPad. It works, but the quality isn't as great as the wire connection. 


Did you ever end up figuring out the solution? Having the same problem and the problem persists through different audio outputs (AirPods, Mac speakers, headphones, etc) 


MacBook M1 2020, connecting to iPad Pro 11 M1 chip via cable.


Has anyone found any solutions to this? Is this Zoom issue or macOS or latest iOS issue? I had the same with iOS 14+ and same with iOS 15. Tried with macbook, Imac same issue. Its pretty annoying feeling like return the new iPad my old ipad was working fine.

There is a work around where you share screen from the Quicktime video, where the Quicktime is showing the iPad screen. I think it is a sound issue. Maybe post something in this discussion string: 

If it works on your old iPad, I assume then this is an M1 iPad issue.  

Confirmed! This is a decent work around if you need to connect your iPad via cable like I need to. I used this work around for the past 20 min with no sound bug. It does use some extra RAM, but that shouldn't be too much of a drain as well. 


Thanks lainpierce! 


I am also having the same issue using the 5th gen 12.9" iPad with M1 processor.


I update the new iPad software today and it seems to have fixed up the noise!! 

No I just tried and it didn't. 😕 Are you using an iPad with an M1 processor? It has been narrowed down to the iPads with the M1 processor and it is an Apple issue because others hear this noise on other platforms. 

Yes, iPad with M1 processor? It was a problem with the strange repetitive noise (like static) - did the latest update and it doesn't happen anymore.

yeah, sorry, it didn't work, I just had my sound switched of 😞 dumb

I don't use my laptop for sound, connect also with my phone and use it as another participant for sound.

Not a great solution.


Just a quick update. I did go to the genius bar and of course, they could not figure out why it was happening, they did determine it was a hardware or software issue with the M1 5th generation iPad. They did not have a solution other than using quicktime with a cable. I tried this and the delay is even slower than using airplay so you might as well use airplay if that is an option for you. I also had another issue with my new M1 5th generation iPad Pro where it also stopped charging. I took it back to the genius bar and they gave me a brand new M1 5th generation iPad Pro. When I got home and fired up Zoom and tried to share my iPad via the cable, the buzzing is still there. I also updated to the latest version of the OS per a recommendation on this thread and it does NOT fix the buzzing noise.


The genius bar could not tell me if this was some Apple had on their radar. Their suggestion is to submit a bug report to Apple directly. I have done so but unless they hear from others, probably nothing will happen -



Same problem here, and I'm using the iPad through the cable basically daily (argh). Has anyone had any success talking to Zoom or Apple about the issue? I keep getting told to contact someone else.


The same problem I'm faced with. I tested various iPads.

The buzzing sound problem happens:
  iPad Pro 12.9 (5th generation, M1, usb-c)
  iPad Air (4th generation, A14 bionic, usb-c)
  iPad mini (6th generation, A15 bionic, usb-c)

It does not happen:
  iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd generation, A10X, lightening)
  iPad (8th generation, A12 bionic, lightening)

  iPad Pro 12.9 (4th generation, A12Z, usb-c) <--- !!!
  iPad mini (5th generation, A12 bionic, lightening)

I desperately need a solution. HELP!!! 

This is nobuaki again.
I'm using MacBookPro (intel, 13inch) and MacBookAir (M1, intel). I recently changed my main laptop from intel pro to M1 air, but the situation did not change....


Same here. Please let us know if you find a solution! Airplay does not work either it says it's unable to connect, so basically I can't connect my ipad to zoom 😫

You can go to Sharing (on the device where Zoom is open) in System Settings, and unclick  Airplay. Something about this setting blocks the airplay, but once I unclicked, it worked. 

However, the direct cable still makes buzzing sounds even after the Monterey update. 😞

If you're still interested in using the cable, you can share via QuickTime video, then share the video using zoom. Worked for me with no noise.

Yes, you will see people recommending using QuickTime Movie with a cable and that does remove the buzzing sound but in all my experiments using QuickTime movie with a cable that delay is even worse than using Airplay without a cable. I have just gone back to using one of my old Ipad Pros with a cable and there is no buzzing. Still only on the new generation of iPad. What is crazy is that Zoom has become a critical tool in business these days, I am not sure why Apple is ignoring this????? Please go to Apple and log an issue. If many of us do this, maybe it will get some attention. I also upgraded my MacBook Pro to Monterey and updated my new iPad to the latest version of IOS and the buzzing is still there. 


turn off airplay receiver in 'sharing' in your system preferences. it allowed me to share via airplay


I having the same issue also. Getting buzzing sound when using Zoom and share iPad via cable connection. Here's what I found out with a little troubleshooting. 


I'm running an M1 iPad Pro 12.9" iOS 15.1 to an iMac 27" 2019 intel core i5 running Monterey 12.0.1 and I get the buzzing sound periodically. (I'm connected via USB-C cable from computer to iPad.) 


I switch out my iPad to my old 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9" running iOS 15.1 to my iMac 27" 2019 intel core i5 (I'm connected via USB-C cable from computer to iPad.) I let it sit I do not get any buzzing sound at all.


I'm working test out the wifi sharing option to see if the buzzing happens in this mode. 


I think it may be a Zoom software or and M1 to Intel issue? 


Another Update. Zoom won't allow my M1 iPad Pro to connect screen mirroring via Air Play. I can connect via cable but will get the buzzing sound from M1 iPad to Intel iMac. I'm thinking this a Zoom software issue? 

Zoom AirPlay Not Connecting .jpg

This is happening to me too and if I try with a cable, I get the buzzing sound.,..

I have the same problem with zoom and screenflow, so an apple bug.  I managed to solve the zoom issue by switching off my airplay receiver.  This allows you to connect to your mac with airplay via zoom.  No buzzing sound now.


turn off airplay receiver in 'sharing' in your system preferences. it allowed me to share via airplay. 

That was useful! Thank you!


Hi everyone - can I check if you have the same issue with an iMac? I’m not clear if the issue is with the latest iPad Pro or Mack book pro as I’ve just upgraded both. I’ve read in this thread that some have used older iPads successfully. Im curious if anyone has switched to iMac? 




Same problem here with new iPad Pro (2021) but not with iPad Pro 2019. 


It seems that the buzzing sound problem does not happen with iPadOS 15.2 and Monterey 12.1 !!!!

Yes, that is correct! I tried it after the update and it worked great! Thank you! 


YES! I also updated both my iPad and Macbook Pro and NO buzzing! I can not believe how long it took Apple to fix this, especially with how many people are using Zoom these days with tethered iPads. Maybe not enough people with new iPads reported the issue. I reported the issue on the Apple support page probably 50 times 🙂


I don't know if I had the problem after those updates but if I did I got the solution at the Apple store.  I was getting  a Genius Bar appointment but the host suggested that I first try uninstalling ZOOM on both my iPad and Computer and then reinstalling it.   The buzz was GONE!!! I am a happy camper.  Now if I could just get my iPhone camera to share in Landscape when connected by a cable I would be REALLY happy.


Hi, I've the buzz with ipad pro M1 iPadOS 16 beta and Monterey 12.6. I've readed that has been fix, but seems not working with last updates..


I thought I would resurrect this thread as I have just started to have this problem. I have been using the iPad screen share via cable for over a year without any problems. But after updating both my mac M1 to ventura and my iPad M1 to OS16. I am having this exact problem. Horrible buzzing noise every 30 seconds. I know I can use the quicktime option and that does work (but a bit more laggy), but I would prefer to use the share via cable method. Did anyone ever find a fix for this? (I tried CherieC's tip, but it didn't work for me.) Anyone else having this problem after updating OS's? Thanks

Never had this problem before, but last night did same upgrades and now I have the problem. I’m using the quicktime workaround. Going to try uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom tonight. Uggh!!

Well, deleting/re-installing Zoom Desktop Client did not work...still getting the 31 second buzz!