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Shared Audio - How to mute my computer but still play sound for participants?


Hello, I frequently run video training seminars via zoom. I typically use two computers - my primary computer to see participants / work on other things and my second computer to play the video and share screen/sound. I’m trying to figure out how I can share my training videos from my second computer, and have muted audio from that computer while participants are still able to hear what I’m sharing. Currently, when I turn down or mute my 2nd computer audio it turns down or mutes audio for my participants. I want to have the audio turned down on my end but still have it loud for my participants so I can focus on other work while they watch the training videos. 



I have the same issue. I got a new lenovo laptop and it won't allow me to share the computer audio to zoom while keeping the system audio muted. Did you figure it out?