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Share screen to all breakout rooms


According to the 6/21/21 release notes, it should be possible to share screen to all breakout rooms. We would like to use this feature, but have not figured out how to.  We have found no documentation on how to use this feature. Can anyone help? Thanks!


Zoom Moderator

Hey @MECrawford! Welcome to the community! 😄 Check out the prerequisites for Share screen to all breakout rooms, "hosts, co-hosts, and breakout room participants all need to be running 5.7.0 or higher". You can find more info on Managing Breakout Rooms


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This feature is not available to participants on mobile devices, right? Will that be added?

Community Champion

Correct, this is currently only available for the desktop clients. It may be added to the mobile experience, but I cannot say for sure at this point. 

I was able to view a shared screen while in a breakout room on mobile. Has Zoom not updated the specifications for this feature yet?

Community Champion

@BobCobb participants in breakout rooms on mobile devices are able to view the shared content, but someone on the mobile app would not be able to share screen from their device to all breakouts. 

Community Champion

Hi @MECrawford ,

Once you are in your meeting, you need to start your breakout rooms. Click on Share Screen from the main room, then select "Share to breakout rooms" then Share and you will be able to share your screen to all of your breakout room from the main room.

I do exactly that, but the breakout rooms do NOT see the shared screen.  Can't figure out what's wrong.


Community Champion

Hi @tammo 

It could be that the participants are not on the minimum required version for that feature, which is the desktop client for Windows, macOS, or Linux, version 5.7.0 or higher. 

Hi Bort,


Thanks for your responses. In order to share to all breakout rooms, you need the updated desktop client, but if you're on mobile and just want to view a shared screen in a breakout room, you only need the most recent version of the app, right? 

Community Champion

Correct, everyone needs to be on version 5.7.0 or higher. Participants viewing the shared content can be on any type of the app (desktop or mobile), but those wanting to share the content must be on the desktop client. 

Hi Bort! Thanks for your responses! I am able to share my screen to my breakout rooms, but when I join a room as host, it stops sharing my screen. I have 2 screens and want to keep the 2nd screen sharing. Is this possible?

Community Champion

Unfortunately, you must remain in the main session to continue sharing to all breakouts. You would need to join the meeting from a 2nd device and keep that device in the main session. 


Thanks! I hadn't thought of that. I may try that next time.


Hi everyone, thanks for this helpful discussion. I had another question on the subject. Given the following:


-host records meeting

-host creates breakout rooms

-host shares screen in breakout rooms 

-host joins from a second device to be able to join the breakout rooms while screen sharing


What happens in this case with recording? Given that recording takes place where the person recording the session is every time, how is that affected when that person is signed in from two different devices and appears to be in two different places at the same time (main room and breakout room)? Also, does the type of device have anything to do with this?


Hope this makes sense.


Can a user in a breakout room override the share from the Main room with their own share?

No, they cannot override the share. They will come back and request it be taken down so they can share.