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Set-up for a meeting being RECORDED that shows both faces like GALLERY view on the recording.


How to Set-up a meeting to be RECORDED that shows both faces like GALLERY view on the recording at the same time. I want to interview someone on a 1-on-1 style.  


Currently zoom only shows one person at a time - like SPEAKER view.  I want BOTH video pictures of people to showt at the same, even when one is not speaking. 


My settings currently are MEETING...GALLERY VIEW.


THANKS for any guidance on this.

Joy G.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @joygaertner !


It's pretty easy: simply Spotlight both speakers (you can spotlight up to 9 people at the same time). However, be aware that this Spotlight gallery view only works in the recording when you're not sharing screen; when you do share screen, the speaker video window position shifts back to one at a time in the upper right corner. Otherwise, you're good to go. 


Hope this helps! Make sure to press "Accept as Solution" on this post if this answers your question. Happy Zooming!
Anissa • Zoomologist • @anissat