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Screen share-audio share shuts down audio on my Mac


I've just recently had this issue. If I want to screen share a video with audio I do what I always have done. I click screen share-choose either the desktop or the specific app that has the video, click share sound and then click share. 

What's started happening is that as soon as I click share the audio on my Mac shuts off-no sound to me thru my speakers or to the person I'm sharing with.  It's instantaneous-I click on share and the video continues playing but the audio from my Mac speakers goes away. 


I've restarted my Mac, restarted zoom, unplugged any thing connected to my Mac and made sure that the audio preferences are to the Mac.  Has there been a recent update that my have messed this up? I've got -Version: 5.11.6 (9890)



Select the Share Screen button in the toolbar
Select Advanced and choose Music or Computer Sound Only
To stop sending audio, simply select Stop Share at the top of your meeting screen or mute the speaker of your phone or the speaker of your PC or MAC.


Check if you have not made some chances in these settings?