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Samsung galaxy tab A7 (2020) compatible zoom app



I am having Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020). I have installed zoom app however I am not able to to utilise all the feature of Zoom app such as virtual background, galary view etc. on my tablet device. 

On google play store it shows that "this may not be optimized for your device".

can anyone suggest solution for the same?





Community Champion

Hi @CPatel 

Please check the system requirements for Android devices to be able to use the Virtual Background feature. It is likely that your tablet does not meet the system requirements for that. 


As for gallery view, please ensure there are multiple users in the meeting and try swiping from right to left to enter gallery view. 


not sure if anyone is having this Problem , when starting a meeting i can see everyone ans hear everyonr, when its time to go in to brackout room just stays on loading sreen cant seem to join room, but everyone can see me talking and moving around but i can hear or see anyone just load in screen  that says this may take a few momments. if i press along the bottom where audio and camera should be im told i am turning on and off my camera and audio but i cant see what im pressing just stuck on loading screen.. iv a Samsung GalaxyTab A upto date.. any help please


Hello, did you find out if your tablet fits the requirements for the virtual backgrounds feature? 


Samsung tablets doesnt support Virtual background features. You wont even see the option of virtual backgrounds during calls. You can compare it with your samsung phone.