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SHA256 file hash for downloads


I am looking for the file hash for the client downloads to verify the file, but I don't see it along with the files. Does someone know where I can download them from. Get_FileHash ... to verify.



Per Zoom's support, they do not publish file hashes for their installers.


I understand that you would like to locate hashes for installer files. Let me check that for you.
I just heard back from our team.

As per them, we do not have or publish these.


I requested they open a formal support ticket.  Will report back if I ever get an answer.


Not sure what your requirements are for validation, but the executable files should be signed with a time-limited certificate with a path back to DigiCert.  Current Windows EXE file I'm looking at is signed for 129 days as:
CN = Zoom Video Communications, Inc.


OK, support is giving a blow-off answer.  Basically, they're not publishing hashes, and have no intentions of ever doing it.  You're on your own.

Upon checking with our team, with regard to security practices for the software distribution channel, you may reach out to your account owner/admin so they may coordinate this information with your Account Executive.