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Registration questions displayed in attendance reports for Meetings (like with Webinars)


Webinar attendance reporting includes the answers to custom questions. We use this to identify participants for tracking by collecting their employee ID. Works great for webinars. I've only been able to get the usage report for Meetings that gives the standard details: Name | User Name | Join Time | Leave Time | Duration | Guest.


Is there an equivalent report for Meetings that have custom registration questions? Otherwise, I have to reconcile the registration information for each attendee. We don't have unlimited webinar licenses and must use Meetings for smaller groups. If it doesn't exist already, it would be a great benefit to have this in the future. 



I have the same question/comment as above. Would love to see a report on who attended, along with their answers to the customer questions from registration. Is this already possible somehow?


Yes, we would also like to see a report on who attended, along with their answers to the custom questions from registration.  We provide PDUs for many of our zoom events using meetings (not webinar) and ask for their PDU numbers on the registration form.  It becomes cumbersome and time consuming to marry the two together.  We also provide metrics between registration and attendance.  Thanks.