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Usage Report missing registered participants' name and email


I am testing my use of a Zoom account that I am using under a large educational institution's license. I want to set up Zoom meetings for virtual trainings that include pre-registration to aid in tracking participation. I successfully set up a test meeting and tried everything out; registrations went well as did the meeting connection itself. 

When I click "view" under the Registrations tab in the event itself, I can see names and email addresses. But when I go to the "Reports" section after the event is over and generate a "Usage Report" the participant's names and emails are blocked out. 

I can't find a setting or other reason why this is happening. Without any identification of participants in the usage report, I have no way of attaching attendance to any particular attendee or registrant--which is the whole point of managing registration. Please help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @PatAtPitt ,


I do want to share that Zoom DOES remove the email addresses of participants that are flagged as "Guests" in an effort to maintain privacy and common security practices.


March 2022: FAQ on reporting changes


What seems odd is based on your description of how you set up the meeting, you indicated that the attendees of your meeting also used registration, which should then provide their email addresses in the meeting "Usage Report" for that particular meeting.


Did users who registered for the meeting have their email address removed from the Usage Report? If this is the case, then you may want to submit a ticket with zoom support as this could indicate a problem.


If attendees who registered have their email included in the Usage Report yet there are other attendees who had their emails removed; this may indicate that registered attendees shared the meeting link with people who did not register. Individuals not registered, that used a "shared" meeting ID/Link, would then show up as a guest in the meeting.


I hope that this provides the information you need, reply if you have any further questions.


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