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Recurring Meeting not showing up in list of Upcoming Meetings


I have many recurring meetings set up with an expiration date at the end of 2025 that are no longer showing up my list of Upcoming Meetings. This started on Saturday, 12.9.22 for one of my business accounts and then it happened on my other business account today.  The meetings are still listed in Previous Meetings and I can go in and edit each one. The expiration date still says 12.31.2025 and when I re-enter that date and Save it, the meeting shows back up in the Upcoming Meetings list.  Is there an easier fix for this so I don't need to do this for every recurring meeting? 



Why isn't Zoom answering your and my question here?  I found my recurring meetings on the browser access to Zoom, under the heading of previous meetings. I then copied the ID and joined that meeting. That worked, but did not put the meeting in my current list of meetings!