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Is it possible to record only the speaker while keeping the gallery view?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Giu,


A couple of questions for you:

  • Do you mean record the Audio of the speaker while recording Video of the Gallery view?
  • Are you recording Locally or to the Zoom Cloud?
  • Are you on a Basic (free) account or a Licensed (paid) account?

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Hi @Ray_Harwood,




I mean record audio and video of the speaker while using gallery view. So far, if I have gallery view it records both me and participants, I would like to record myself only...


I've basic option but I'm going to subscribe the pro version.











Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Thanks, @Giu.


As you might know, a Basic account can only record Locally.  The recording produced locally has limited settings associated with it.  See the Recording tab on the Settings window of the desktop client:


If there is no screen sharing, the recording will have the gallery view; sorry, there's no way to avoid that, other than to have all of the other participants turn off their cameras.


Once you upgrade to a Pro account, you can record on the Cloud, and the Recording tab of your Settings menu on the Zoom web portal has the following options:


I do a lot of post-meeting video editing, so I grab all the screen views I can get!  For your purposes though, you will want to ensure that Record active speaker, gallery view, and shared screen separately is checked, and that Active speaker is also checked.  And to prevent others from being shown if they speak (or even cough or make any noise that Zoom can hear), you will want to make sure you Spotlight yourself.  This will make you the focus of the Active Speaker view, and not "just anyone who makes a noise".


This can be done from the Participant menu:


or from your video by right-clicking:


That should help you get a clean recording of just your camera image.


The other setting I recommend using is the Record a separate audio of each participant, available now on both Local and Cloud recording settings.  Zoom produces a separate audio track for each participant (up to 200 participants, I think).  if you have video editing software, you can substitute your specific audio for the combined audio track normally produced by Zoom, and that will cut out any extraneous noises from the other participants... though it won't help you if there are noises from yourself. 🤔

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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