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I made  the mistake of using and I cannot figure out how to get rid of it.


People are now kicking me out of meetings due to the appearing in the chat.


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Zoom Moderator

Hi @HolyHowie and welcome to the Zoom Community! To uninstall (or any app!) from your Zoom account, please login to your Zoom Web Portal, select Advanced > App Marketplace and follow the steps outlined in our support article here. I hope this helps!

Virginia (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Thank you for this, however I must say I too have been haunted by the and it has upset some of my guests, "wait a minute, you said this was a private call!" And there goes trust. I have been hunting the zoom portal for how to disable auto record, disable ai, name it. Not until I searched chats did I find the solution. Requesting zoom make it a better experience for paying users...actually all users, to disable this ai feature. Thank you


Kevin, I 1000000% agree with you. It has been such a pain in the butt! Not to mention I've lost valuable video.... can't get that time back.

Strongly agree with this. It's an affront to paying users to be plagued by an app in this way. Not only does it invite itself to my private zoom meetings, it has also imposed itself on zoom meetings others have organised that I am invited to and, somehow bizarrely, also gets itself into team meetings I am invited to. It is a sneaky and aggressive app and doesn't make clear what using it implies and seeks no permission for same. And, like you say, no information from Zoom on how to get rid of it. is not one of my managed apps.

I don't have a account

It just showed up and I can't figure out how to get rid of it, it messes up all of my breakout rooms.

That is what is pi--ing me off. I did not choose it, never would and all of a sudden I am getting messages in my emails saying has joined my personal meeting room and I am not even using zoom at that moment.
I am not paying for a service for them to impose unrequested apps on me. This is ridiculous.

I have never installed to my Zoom account, nor any other apps to my zoom account. I have confirmed this in my Zoom web portal. I have never made an account with yet it is joining my Zoom meetings. My auto record in settings are not on. I cannot get in touch with Zoom phone support to disable this feature and I am alarmed that having never heard of it before, is suddenly able to enter my permission-restricted meetings without my consent. Please advise. 

I am following to see if you get a response. You have voiced my exact sentiments.

I also am having issues with inserting itself into our meetings without being associated with the main account or any of the other accounts associated with the meeting as far as I can determine. If we follow your instructions, we do not find it associated with the accounts. How can we see where it is coming from? This seems to be a problem for a lot of people and we could use more help from Zoom in tracking it down or preventing it from "attending" our meetings. Is there an admin setting to prevent unauthorized Zoom apps from inserting themselves in meetings?  Thank you


If you did not add this from your web portal you can delete the account from the Read Ai login.  Here is a link to do that.  Once you log in go to the bottom of the page on the left where you email is and manage your account.  Scroll to the bottom and click delete account.  Read -

Sign in

Thank you for the link 🙂

I don't have a account, I tired a couple of emails that could have been used (auto magically)  by clicking some button, but never found an account,   tried to send a general question to but seem like I have to create an account to talk to them.   The only connect app I have in zoom is my calendly link. each time it shows up I try to find a way to get rid of it (permanently), I even reported it, but it keep showing up.   Is their someone in zoom support that can look in my account to see what is starting it after I start my meeting.

Yes, thanks for that link. I didn't realise I had set up a account at all until I followed this link. HOpefully that puts an end to my troubles with it.

You probably did not set up a link...I never did, but it is jumping into my meetings.
Seems like a dirty way to get people to log into the app and gather info.


I found the answer! At least this worked for me: When the app appears in the zoom meeting, direct message it with "read STOP" (without the quotes). This caused it to disappear and no longer reappear for us. I hope it works as easily for you all.

where do you type this? in the meeting chat? and how can we detect if a user is using because we removed from the participants list and the person who was using the came forward and advised that here's the transcript from our meeting. this is very scary because how can you tell which participant was using it?


I think I found the person who's account is attempting to record my meetings, He only attended a couple of our meetings (and was playing with a few months ago) and no longer attends but his account continues to try to join my weekly meetings. 

There should be a way to kill these attempts, especially if the person doesn't attend the meetings. Is seems like you shouldn't be able to record meetings you don't attend. I asked him to try to find the account he was playing with and cancel the attendance.  


Absolutely horrible experience.
Signed up through Zoom for it but wasn't serving the purpose I thought it would have

But so intrusive.

For the life of me, found it so difficult to remove.

Hopefully suceeded



Hi Zoom - Here's the deal, I'm NOT logged into a Zoom account when I join a meeting and READ.AI is showing up as being started by me. I DO NOT have an account on Didn't even know it existed until this started happening, and I have absolutely NO way to turn this off (because it is happening on zoom calls where I'm not logged in, and I don't have a account). Please fix this immediately as it is causing major issues when I join a meeting. 

This is not okay, and the way you have integrated this feels unethical, at best. Fix it. Now.





this is the most annoying app ever. and getting rid of it is WAY to hard, I still can't figure out. 


You can adjust Join Preferences (ex. set to manual) at

You can delete your account at

Considering most people didn't sign up for an account, they should not have to log into an app they didn't ask for to delete an account. Who pray tell opened an account in my name without my permission??

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi everyone, 


It's possible that someone invited to your call has enabled Read. They don't necessarily need to attend the meeting; just being invited is enough. Read can only join if a Read user invited to the meeting adds it.


Each meeting platform supported by Read has a built-in chat function. When Read joins a meeting, it sends a message to the chat that looks something like this:



If you see your own name listed, it means you have a Read account. In this case, you should:

1. Search your emails for messages from, such as the "Welcome to Read!" email sent to new users.
2. Check the primary email address of your Read account in the "to:" line.
3. If you have multiple email addresses, check all your inboxes.
4. If you used single sign-on (SSO) like Microsoft or Google to create your account, try logging in using those options if you're unable to with your email and password.


As mentioned in some comments on this thread, you can also type in the chat read stop to disable read ai or opt out to delete meeting data. 


Additionally, you can remove an automated meeting tool from a meeting if you don't want it to record the content. Click the Security icon in the Zoom Meeting window and then click Remove Participant.


Another method to prevent automated tools from joining is to enable a waiting room for your entire account or a specific user within your account. This way, you only admit participants, not automated tools.


For more information on preventing from joining meetings, check out: How do I remove or stop Read from joining meetings?


Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?