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I am pre-recording a program, would like the presenter to be in active speaker mode, but like the only  the "MC" video shown in the upper right corner while the presenter is  performing.  What view should I select?  Another question:  Is shared screen only needed when presenting something on the screen, as oppose to individuals doing  a performance.  So I am clear, I only  need to select shared screen if I decide to play a video in between the performers?  Thank you.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Julene! Have you seen this article from our knowledge base? I think it will help you choose which view is going to work best for you. Also, you would only need to share your screen if there was something you wanted the other person to view on your screen. Does this help? 

Thank you Bri.  It sounds like I am making more difficult then needed since this is my first recording for a big program.   So I am clear, I will be pre-recording so it can be played for the audience at a later date.  When recording, only the participants in the program will be zoomed in.  During this prerecording there will be music videos played in between the performances.  I do not want the recording showing me going to the desktop to select the music.   So I guess I should not share the screen when  recording.