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Recurring appts Zoom choose a number of sessions and end date. No Fixed Time unavailable.


When I attempt to schedule a new meeting with a new person I can name the meeting and use the dropdown to choose date and time.   The correct time zone is automatically chosen.  THEN I click the Recurring Meeting checkbox.  The program automatically fills in a number of meetings and an end date in bold print.  The dropdown for Recurrence only offers Daily, Weekly or Monthly.  I does not offer No Fixed Time.  I am left with an appointment which  has a certain frequency, a certain number of sessions (7 or 10 or....)  and an end date.


Zoom desktop version , Zoom One Pro, on fully updated Windows 10.  I looked at all the preferences and such but could not find one that I recognized as addressing this issue.

I've used Zoom for a few years and this has started recently although I'm not sure when,  I did update to the newest version without a problem.  
All help and suggestions greatly appreciated.