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Problems with waiting room images and videos


We are testing the waiting room customization features with the new join flow and finding several problems.

I'm on a Mint Linux laptop with plenty of resources and I've tried client versions 5.14.0 and 5.14.2.

My coworker has Win10 with the similar laptop and a 5.14 client. I've turned on the new join flow for both of us. We each created a new meeting and tried adding images (47kb png and 211kb jpg) and a videos (3.7mb and 14kb).


1) I can't see the changed images or videos. It just shows the stock zoom image. I even tried waiting a while after the waiting room was updated before joining to see if there was a delay but it didn't help. I also tried updating to the latest client and it didn't help.

2) The Win10 client crashes and restarts when trying to join the meeting when the waiting room has video. Logos and images seem to be fine though even when he joined less than a min after I changed the meeting.


Any ideas on how else to troubleshoot?



Did you submit a ticket on this? I'm having similar issues and just wondered if it resolved for you.