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Problem with host video / audio


One of my users had a strange problem yesterday while joining a hosted meeting via  latest version windows desktop client.

Here is a brief summary and i would welcome any thoughts. Thanks


  • All participants & host US based apart from my user in the UK
  • Host was sharing desktop / screen
  • During the course of sharing it was noted that the actual video of the host themselves ( on the right ) was becoming pixelated
  • The presenter/host audio then started to drop so that some individual words were not heard. This then became fully distorted.
  • All other participant videos were still visible ok on the right of the uk based screen
  • Other participants where not reporting any issues with the hosts video / audio
  • Uk left and rejoined Zoom meeting which was then concluded without any further problems

Is it possible that issue could lie with our equipment or link in the UK? Thanks for any input.