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Problem with automatic co-host assignment


Dear all, 

We have some meetings in which we have to assign small groups, sometimes the host is not available, how can we get a co-host to be assigned automatically?


Best regards!



I guess it is this option but I don't understand how it works because of the error

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Assignments of co-hosts can only be done in the live meeting by someone with host controls. If the host isn't present, the only way to have someone else with host controls would be to use Alternative Host, which allows the original host to designate someone who can start the meeting in place of the host and have host controls. The main limitation is that the alt-host must be another licensed user on that same account as the host. 


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Is there any way for auto-assignment of host in the event of a host's loss of connection to be designated to go to a mic that is currently active?  We've had on multiple occasions hosts and co-hosts who have lost connection (this time both of us lost it at  the same time when a zoom glitch booted everyone who was in the lobby, and only those in one breakout room remained unaffected) and host has been randomly assigned.  To someone who has fallen asleep hours ago and isn't actively in the meeting anymore. 

Zoom can see which mics are dormant and which are active and recently engaged, is there no way for zoom to make the auto-host designation at least be a user who is currently active?