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Prevent automatic updates just when joining a meeting


Very often when I click a join zoom link the client hasn't been open before and then decides that it would be a great time to perform an update.


This has already lead to me being late on several meetings. 


This is inacceptable. Please prevent updates from delaying calls.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. Zoom app has an automatic update feature that you can turn off. Here are the steps and a screenshot. 

  • Open the Zoom app
  • Sign in
  • Click Setting by going to your profile picture in the top right. 
  • On the General setting on the left, look for Zoom Updates. You can uncheck the box. 

Zoom updates usually add significant features and enhancements. If you turn this off, I would manually check for updates during a non-meeting time. Maybe check once a week.  I hope this helps. Thank you. 

That’s exactly my point. I don’t want to turn off automatic updates. I just want them to not interfere with my meetings.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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