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Prevent Desktop Client Popping Up (Schedules? Team Chat?)


I'm using Windows 11, OS and client fully updated. My Zoom account is managed by corporate IT.


The client will not stay minimized to the system tray no matter what options I select. I'm not sure what is prompting the client to restore itself, but it's either scheduled meetings or unread chat messages from those meetings. Either way, I do not want this. We do not use "Team Chat". I do not care about unread chat messages from expired meetings. I do not want Zoom to remind me that I have a call coming. We already have tools for these functions and throwing out redundant notifications is not going to inspire us to use them instead. 


How do I keep the zoom client permanently minimized in my system tray unless I specifically open it myself? 


If there's no solution for this, I'm going to keep myself logged out of zoom, which is a subpar experience.