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Polls Displaying in Incorrect Order


My polls are displaying in the incorrect order when I am in a meeting. It makes it difficult to find the appropriate poll.

This is a new issue.



I have been thrown by this too (polls out of order not questions within polls). I am trying a solution. In the template they are still in the right order but they all have the same creation time (perhaps the time I saved the template?) and when I create a meeting using the template I think it might be trying to put them in reverse time order (most recent first) but they were apparently all created at the same time so it is putting them in a random order. So I am opening each poll to edit it and saving it again (with no changes), leaving a gap of at least one minute between each edit. (Starting with the poll I want at the bottom.) This is annoying, but less annoying than having to create them all again. I'll let you know if it works!


Thank you for the work around. This is a very frustrating issue and I hope the issue gets fixed soon because I have several templates that I use on a regular basis that each have at least 12 poll questions each that are in the correct order in the template.  To have to resave the polls each time a meeting is scheduled using the template is better than having to reinsert them; however, defeats the purpose of the template.