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Please help! It keeps saying "Recorded on a different computer"


Hi all. I just finished an important Zoom meeting but can't access the recording because it keeps saying "Recorded on a different computer".

- I've only used this pc

- I only have 1 zoom account

- I used my cell for the video/audio (not sure if that changes anything)

- I was not the host but a guest. The host allowed me to record

- When I go into the recordings tab I can see it there along with other previous meetings. However, when I click open I keep getting the same message.

- I didn't get to press end record or leave meeting as the host closed the window when the meeting was finished



So I just did a new mini meeting for a few seconds and that got saved properly and it opens up when I click on it.


Please help. Thank you.





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

All recordings are kept in the same place on a PC

You can check in the Zoom App, Settings, and Recording.


This is usually in the document folder within a zoom folder there are folders for each meeting.

Otherwise, you could just do a quick meeting, record locally and then a folder where the recordings are stored will pop up at the end, 
You could find any other recordings on that computer in the same folder above.