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Permanently Disable In-Meeting Chat Preview?


This is something I never noticed myself as I always keep the right-side chat panel open during meetings.  But apparently, as of the April 2022 release of Zoom, there is a Chat Preview popup which appears for in-meeting chat if you do not have the chat panel/popup open.  It hovers over the Chat button briefly every time someone chats:




A user of mine was asking if it was possible to permanently disable this popup, as it is a bit annoying (something I agree with).  If one hits ^ next to the chat button, there is an option to disable this chat preview.  However, unchecking this option only lasts for the duration of your meeting.  If you leave the meeting and join another meeting, the Show Chat Previews option goes back to being turned on by default.




Does anyone know of a way to permanently disable this chat preview, so that it stays off, and doesn't get re-enabled every time one joins a meeting?  I couldn't find any admin settings regarding the in-meeting chat preview, nor any user-level settings.


It is true that having the chat panel open prevents these previews from popping up, but some users might not want to have the chat panel open nor have the preview pop up.



I wish, I checked and you can either disable chat, or the chat preview is active and you have to disable it per session on your client...  I submitted it as a feature request