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Participation Time


Greetings. I'm looking for a way to determine how much time each participant spent talking during a meeting. A simple pie chart or list of participants with talk time would be perfect.


I have tried several of the marketplace apps, but they are intrusive (I don't like a bot participant in the meeting as it biases the participants to talk more). In some cases, I would pay much more than the value of the simple analysis.


I only need a tool to review the recording; nothing live is necessary. 


I have looked into,, etc., but they are bloated for my simple need. I have tried transcribing with Google's cloud tools, but that was not efficient. 


Bard seems to think Zoom has a feature called Zoom Participant Insights, but I can find nothing on this. I'm a PRO user, so hoping something is already available that I have overlooked. I have turned on the Beta of Meeting Summaries with ZoomIQ but nothing shows up there for some reason (no meetings listed).


Any advice? Thanks in advance for any help!