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One user account - Can others teach a class?




I just started a new Zoom One Account ( up to 100 participants) with a single user. My wife and I Have just started a new business, where we will be hosting classes and workshops. I set myself up as a user, and we do not have the resources to pay for multiple users.


  • Can my wife teach a class as host? I see that "guest hosts" are possible, but I don' t know if they need to be a registered "user" on the acccount. Can she be a guest host from her own basic account"
  • If not, do I need to be online as the "Host", but she be leading the meeting (teaching the class)?
  • or....If she were logged in as me to host, can the host name be changed like other participants?
  • Then the question would be the same for other remote, guest teachers. Can they host? Do they need to be a user on my account? have their own paid account? fee account? .....Or must I "host" and they can lead teach the class

Hopefully this has made the question clear.


Thank you for taking the time to help!






Just use a shared username and password for your Zoom account, as long as you are only teaching one class at a time. The host can then change their name when they join.